Advanced: Enhanced Cybersec+ Privacy

This Workshop consists of Two 90-min 1:1 Live Workshops.

In Session 1 participants will learn about general best Cybersecurity and Privacy measures to implement right away, in order toLower the Risk of Getting Hacked.

In Session 2, live 90-min online session will focus on more advanced tools, apps and commands to perform Private Transactions (100% fungible) work in Bitcoin, DeFi while keeping yourself as safe as possible.

We use proven & curated tools and best in class processes.

As our lives get more digitized in all aspects, and then we include digital currencies the exposure to a hack and physhing attacks grow exponentially.


We cover concepts and tools for Enhanced Privacy, Encryption, Cybersecurity Best Practices in Anonymity, Bitcoin Fungible Transactions, etc.


This is an interactive workshop format where a subject matter expert will walk you through a step-by-step screenshare of how to do it, with the ability to follow along and ask questions live, not recorded. This course requires some Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency knowledge for maximum productivity.


The registration is a 2 step process: 1) Book it > select date you intend to take this workshop (one of our instructors will confirm with you date/time you selected) and 2) complete registration & payment.


Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive email with the link to join the Online Workshop in zoom.

Contact for any questions.