Resources & Best Practices

In order to get started with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in your own laptop/ desktop/ tablet or smartphone, you need to be familiar with the links below, since they will help protect your privacy and enhance the security by which you exchange data over Wi-Fi networks.

Some services are free (ie. Google Authenticator) while others are subscription based, but well worth your security and privacy

Enhance your Privacy when using WiFi:

     A VPN service with no-logs will enhance your privacy by encrypting network traffic over WiFi, so your connection is private and cannot be decrypted. This helps you add another layer of security and privacy especially when transacting online digital currencies and other digital assets.

Today WiFi networks are relatively easy to be hacked, and your financial information and passwords could be at risk. Getting a VPN service is not optional, it is a must for your digital life.

In order to be “mobile” we are dependent of WiFi, so, protect yourself and your data whenever you use WiFi from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • Download Google-Authenticator (free) to your smartphone and enable 2 factor Authentication wherever it is possible/ available, specially in Cryptocurrency Exchanges and other Financial Services.       

      Get it from Google Play (Android OS) or Apple-Store (iOS). This app will enhance your security when using a wallet, or an exchange when making deposits or withdrawals of digital assets and crypto currencies.

  • If you are planning to purchase and store more than $200 Cdn worth of any Cryptocurrency, then get a reliable  Hardware Wallet .

Hardware Wallets allow you to store your Digital Currencies and digital assets in military-grade cryptography-secured and virus-free device. The Ledger Nano-S is the best multi-Crypto Hardware Wallet easy to use and with extensive R&D to be always with the latest protection.

  • Canadian Fiat to Crypto Exchange: Get $Free credit on your first funding when you open your first Crypto-Wallet here . Super easy to use and validate your account with multiple funding options. 
  • This is another Easy to use Fiat-to-Crypto exchange based in Toronto as well, with a simple account verification and funding options and a mobile wallet.
  • If you like an exchange with more trading capabilities, look no further than here. They are Canadian based, and funds are super secured
  • Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange. Convert your Bitcoins/ Ether into other Alt-coins here
  • Get started Mining Cryptos here  using your current laptop/ desktop computer. Just download the software here and disable your anti-virus software.

Lastly, check the diagram below for the different Crypto Channel Alternatives for where to purchase Cryptocurrencies:

 Lastly, if you are looking for a true-market price of Bitcoin prior to do any trading, take a look at these 2 metrics in this website as well as the methodology to calculate them.