Resources & Best Practices

In order to get started with #Bitcoin and #Cryptocurrencies in your own laptop/ desktop/ tablet or smartphone, you need to be familiar with the links below because they will help protect your #Privacy and Enhance Your #Cybersecurity as you exchange data over Wi-Fi networks.

Some services are free (ie. Tofu – Authenticator on iOS or Aegis Android) while others are subscription based, but well worth your #security and #privacy

Enhance your #Privacy when using #WiFi:

ACTION #1 : Get reliable (paid subscription) VPN Service 

     A VPN service with no-logs will enhance your privacy by encrypting network traffic over WiFi, so your connection is private and cannot be decrypted. This helps you add another layer of security and privacy especially when transacting online digital currencies and other digital assets. Remember, you will be exchanging Digital Assets, which have VALUE over WiFi…you are no longer just “streaming music or a movie”. If you use “free VPN”, your information is being monetized somehow by your VPN provider: You are the product, because someone needs to pay for the service.

Today WiFi networks are relatively easy to be hacked putting your financial information and passwords at risk. Getting a VPN service is not optional, it is a must for your digital life.

In order to be “mobile” we are dependent of WiFi, so protect yourself and your data whenever you use WiFi from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

ACTION #2: Download TOFU Authenticator (if using iOS) or Aegis Authenticator (for Android) to your smartphone and enable 2 factor Authentication wherever it is possible/ available from the sites you visit and the ones we will discuss on the courses, specially Cryptocurrency Exchanges and other Financial Services.       

ACTION #3: If you are planning to purchase and store more than $200 USD worth of Bitcoin, then get a reliable Hardware Wallet

Hardware Wallets

Hardware Wallets allow you to store your Digital Currencies and digital assets in military-grade cryptography-secured and virus-free device. Our suggestion is to get one that is BITCOIN ONLY, and another which is for the other cryptocurrencies you decide to use. This is the best practice in the industry, because other chains need updates more frequently than Bitcoin, increasing the attack vectors.


Below are TOP PICKS of regulated Crypto Exchanges in Canada for Canadians. (International Exchanges are in the section below)

  • This is one of my favorite Exchanges and with the lowest fees/ spreads that I have found. Very secure and regulated. Get free account with free bonus $ (on me) to start trading after your account is funded. Sign on first using desktop, and then you can download mobile version (iOS or Android).
  • If you want to start accepting Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins) for your business, so your clients can pay in Bitcoin or stablecoins, look no further than this solution. The best in the market for multi-cryptocurrency acceptance.
  • Remember : DO NOT LEAVE your coins in EXCHANGES, practice self- custody of your coins.
  •  Lastly, if you are looking for a true-market price of Bitcoin prior to do any trading, take a look at these 2 metrics in this website as well as the methodology to calculate them.


If you want to purchase Bitcoin using Fiat (hard currency), then you can use this website or this service. These two are the benchmark in the industry.

If you already have Stablecoins or Solana or Ethereum and want to get Bitcoin, here is the best decentralized and lowest fee service. If you want to exchange BTC for XMR, here a reliable DEX. Want to get Bitcoin Layer 2 STX (STAX), here is the best site to do it with lowest fees and slippage.

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