Advanced: #NFTs & #DAOs

This 90min live course will dive into Understanding NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) , Tools to use, how to create one, etc.

You will need the following: Your computer/ tablet or mobile with internet access and your crypto-wallet with some (at least $100 USD equivalent of ETH , Matic or SOL ) loaded.

This online course is 100% hands-on and by the end of it you will know How to Create an #NFT or a #DAO, or have acquire governance tokens and voted on initiatives and gained understanding on how DAOs work.

Key topics we will cover are: 

  • Differences between Coin vs Token vs NFT

  • Understanding the DAO Landscape. 

  • History of DAOs, Advantages and Setbacks-Risks

  • Elements required to create a DAO

  • Top NFTs and their distribution

  • Tools to Create Your Own #NFT and #DAO


The registration to this workshop is 2 step process: 1) Select date you intend to take this workshop (one of our instructors will confirm with you date/time you selected), and 2) complete registration and payment. 

Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive email with the link to join the Online Workshop in zoom.

Questions? Call us at 1-888-292-3574