Advanced: Decentralized Finance and Stock to Flow

This 90-min online course does not require any previous knowledge or expertise in the area, however it is strongly recommended to have taken at least the beginner courses in order to maximize understanding and application of the strategies.

You will need your computer/ tablet or mobile with internet access, as well as your crypto-wallet with “Trading Crypto amount” available. 

This course is 100% hands-on and by the end of it you will have performed some trades and techniques used in #DeFi. 

Key topics we will cover are: 

  • What is Decentralized Finance? #DeFi
  • What is Stock to Flow #S2F
  • Best Practices for #DeFi

This course is offered 100% online, either on-demand (pre-recorded) or live (certain date in calendar).  The registration process is 2 steps only: 1) select date you intend to take it (even if it is on-demand, so one of our instructors will check in with you that date) , and 2) complete payment.

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