Blockchain 101 - Introduction to #Blockchain & #Web3.0

Congratulations on starting your learning journey in Distributed Ledger Technology (#DLT) and Web3.0

This 2hr course does not require any previous knowledge or expertise. All you need is your computer/ tablet or mobile with internet access and registering below. 

There will be some exercises to help you retain knowledge and put it into practice. Lots of practice!

Key topics we will cover are: 

  • Background of #Distributed Ledger Technology (#DLT)
  • Types, Features and uses of DLTs 
  • Key Metrics of DLTs for comparison
  • Best practices when using Web3.0

This course is offered 100% online or in person. It is always LIVE (not pre-recorded) because we include the latest tools and tested strategies to win in the marketplace.  

The registration process is 2 steps only: 1) select date you intend to take this workshop (one of our instructors will confirm with you date/time you selected) , and 2) complete registration & payment. 

Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive email with the link to join the Online Workshop in zoom.

Thank you for taking the steps to build new skills and knowledge to take charge of your own destiny. Any question, contact