How to Self-Custody Your BTC & Digital Assets

This workshop includes Two 90-min live online (or in Person if you are located in Toronto).

Session 1 covers the basics concepts, tips and tools to introduce you to the concept of becoming Your Own Bank via self-custody of your own coins.

Session 2 will go in depth with other tools, apps and devices to provide extra security and go into methods related to leaving your coins as inheritance.

None of these workshops require any previous knowledge or expertise in the area. All you need is your computer/ tablet or mobile with internet access, a Hardware wallet and registering below. 

These workshops are 100% hands-on, tested and curated so you get the best and latest best practices and tools to use for  storing and accessing your Bitcoin. 

Some Key topics we will cover are: 

  • Types of Digital Wallets for Bitcoin and its evolution
  • Password / Key Management
  • Layer 1 and Layer 2 Wallets
  • Privacy oriented Apps
  • Best practices and Setup
  • Hardware Wallets
  • Multi-Sig Set up

This course is offered 100%  LIVE (not pre-recorded) because we include the latest news and tested strategies to win in the marketplace.  

The registration is 2 step process: 1) Select date you intend to take this workshop (one of our instructors will confirm with you date/time you selected) and 2) Complete registration & payment. 

Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive email with the link to join the Online Workshop in zoom.

Questions, contact us at